Upgrade RUby on Mac OS X

I actually have Ruby vers. 1.8.2 on Mac OS X (Intel based) 10.4.9

I'd like to upgrade the Ruby Stack to be able to install Mongrel, which
requires Ruby 1.8.4 (mini.)

Has somebody already done this upgrade?



Yes. But you'd get on much better downloading Fink and package
installing everything.


Isn't fink actually using older version of ruby that the default.
I gave up on Fink after a whole years usage. Moved to MacPorts and
never looked back.

The only reason I recommended Fink over Ports is that the ImagMagick
install is much harder to get right on ports.

1.8.4 is on fink now, I installed it on a machine last night.


If i understand well i should use Fink on my Intel based Mac to upgrade

I'll try ...



It's easier to just use darwinports. There's a page at the rails wiki
that describes it.


The thing about using Darwinports or Fink is they tend to install
unnecessary libraries or apps. When you install from source like the
link to hivelogic.com explains how to do you use all the OS X
libraries that are already there. You tend to have a much cleaner