update the table, using best_in_place

I have a table of workers: there are parameters of: `admin_mail`, `task` and `done`.

in my `index.html.erb`, you can see the table is divided by two conditions:

the first one is called `TODO TASKS' that contains all the tasks that `done = false'.

and the second one is called `DONE TASKS` that contains all the tasks that `done = true'.

I used `best_in_place` in order to update my table in place.

(please see the image that I attached).

I wrote done's columns twice with purpose in order to make sure that the 4-th (above the red line) is updated by the first column (the first column is works with `best_in_place` - above the first line).

unfortunately, the 4-th column is not updated. by this update (if the user change the value of done from 'No' to 'Yes', the record must be moved to the table below (because of the conditions: if DONE = false, it will be showed in the TODO TASKS, otherwise in the DONE TASKS)

I used this tutorial:

I added my code to "mycode.txt".

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