Update Rails on Rack documentation

The Rails on Rack documentation is still using the “ActionController::Dispatcher” class but it no longer exists, I can update the documentation, I just wanted to discuss what’s the best way to do it, I’ve tested with “run Rails.application” as well as with “run MyAppName::Application” (just like the generated config.ru file does it), what do you think?

So the documentation could end up like this:

Rails.application or MyAppName::Application is the primary Rack application object of a Rails application. Any Rack compliant web server should be using Rails.application or MyAppName::Application object to serve a Rails application.

There’s another thing. Just after the text above you can find this:

rails server does the basic job of creating a Rack::Builder object and starting the webserver. This is Rails’ equivalent of Rack’s rackup script.

Which is not true, at least it doesn’t do it directly, what it does is:

  1. It creates a class: class Server < ::Rack::Server

  2. The Server#start method calls “super”

  3. Rack creates the Rack::Builder object

am I wrong?

So, what do you think about those changes?

Thanks in advance.