Update Ajax RJS problem link_to_function

Hello to all.
I use ajax tabs (rails redux) http://actsasflinn.com/Ajax_Tabs/index.html.
I have 2 simple tab ("All" and "Favorites"). As default "All" is
selected, when I click "Favorites" request is correct and there is the
render of rjs but I obtain the classic error:

... try { Element.update("favorites_pane", "\n \n \n ... and so on...

If I change div and I put it before the div panecontrol1 all is ok.
Code of loadPane method, tabselect and paneselect is on Flinn blog (I
change only li element with div element).

Sorry, I found the solution. Simply I was looking in the wrong place
(a little break was useful).

Update in the Ajax is the error, change with Ajax.Request in the the
method reloadPane solves the problem:

    new Ajax.Request(src,
        {asynchronous:1, evalScripts:true, onLoading:function(request)