uom gem

uom gem
Hi all,

I’m beginner with ruby and rails… I’m creating one personal project (to learn more…) and for this project I need measure something using height cm and kg. I saw the uom gem ( https://github.com/madriska/uom) that I think that make this job, with ActiveRecord Integration.

Could anyone, please, send me some examples or information of how can I include this gem in one new project and starting to use? I’m using rails 3 with ruby 1.9.2

I think you just need to add it to your Gemfile.

Simply editing it and puting gem ‘uom’, and then run the bundle install command, I guess.

Try this out :smiley:

In your project, like anyone you have a file called gem file. Everything you put there when you type and run bundle install inside your project folder on terminal will be installed.

To install this particular gem you can read the instructions on github repo. If this gem has a default installation just add it on gemfile, something like

gem ‘uom’

In your terminal

Bundle install

It all done!

PS.: I saw that it can be installed as a gem, just as a plugin. So you can copy the clone repo and type

rails install plugin URL

Something like that. I wish I could help you

Re: [Rails] uom gem
Hi all,

I could install as a plugin, now I need learn how to use it!

Thanks Thiago and Aline, it will be very useful for me.

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Hi all,

I couldn’t start my app, after install the plugin. I got the error bellow…

activesupport-3.1.3/lib/active_support/dependencies.rb:240:in `require’: no such file to load – activerecord (LoadError)

I opened the dependencies.rb file and I think that the problem is with the require, the is some require here that I don’t know if they are available in my app. How can I check it?

Man, if you read the readme you will figure out that this plugin is out of date! You can have a talk with Greg brown, he is one of the authors ! Or you can try try by yourself to update it to 3.0 ! I think this is the problem! Gems are better than plugins cause they can handle with dependency in a better way!

Thanks and merry christmas

Re: [Rails] uom gem
Ok Thanks, marry christmas for you too and for all of this group.