uninitialized constant - Please Help Me...

Hello everyone,

I've decided to take the step into creating a mini-forum for my
website where users can open new posts on exixting topics and allow
people to discuss things etc...

I am following a tutorial in the book: APRESS - Practical Rails Social
Networking Sites and have hit a minor issue.

Part of the Forum requirements is to add a moderator role to allow
only certain individuals the ability to manage topics etc.

That code is in the moderator_role.rb migration file which looks like

class AddModeratorRole < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def self.up
    moderator_role = Role.create(:name => 'Moderator')
    admin_user = User.find_by_username('Admin')
    admin_user.roles << moderator_role
  def self.down
    moderator_role = Role.find_by_name('Moderator')
    admin_user = User.find_by_username('Admin')

WHen i run rake db:migrate I get the following error:

== AddModeratorRole: migrating

Have you accidentally missed out a step that creates the roles table?


Thanks for the reply COlin, Yes i'd missed that. All sorted now.

Thanks for that!