undefined method

hi, I am trying to add a page to my exisiting database and for some reason I get an error of "no method" I searched a lot but my problem did not get solved, so i'd appreciate if anyone can help me with this: I am trying to add a page called new_lab which is linked through my labs page, here is my controller: #new lab     def show1         @hide_sidebar = true         @patient = Patient.find(params[:id])


   def new_lab     @hide_sidebar = true     @patient = params[:id]     @nlab = @patient.nlabs.build(:patient_id => @patient.id)


  def create_lab     @hide_sidebar = true     @nlab = Nlab.new(params[:nlab])     if @nlab.save       flash[:notice] = 'Lab was successfully created.'       redirect_to :action => 'show1'       else       render :action => 'new_lab'     end


I get an error of "undefined method `nlabs'" and I already made a model and a table by that name. I don't understand what I am doing wrong.


@patient = params[:id] should be changed to: @patient = Patient.find params[:id]

Otherwise it's just a string, and has no method called "nlabs".