Undefined method 'parameters' on controller.request

I'm getting a NoMethodError using Rails 2.1.0 when trying to send an
email using ActionMailer. The error is being thrown from the
template_format method in ActionView's base.rb file. Apparently the
controller.request object is an instance of DummyClass (according to
the exception trace) instead of ActionController::Request, and
therefore does not have any useful methods associated with it.

Right now I'm thinking that because the ActionMailer doesn't actually
represent a separate request per se, that the request object is not
being created correctly. Thus, when it goes to create the email using
the template, it doesn't really know what format to use. Just a hunch.

I'm kind of a Rails newb, so any help with this issue would be greatly
appreciated. Just let me know if you need to know any other information.


Actionmailer is a bit different because the mail has it's own view
which has no controller. You'd have to pass the controller in through
the message to the mail when you're delivering or building it.

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How do I pass the controller through so that a method like
template_format will pick it up and use it? Or is there some way to
avoid that method being called altogether?