undefined method `each' for #<Mysql:0x3874b20>

  I think when you deleted the mysql.so file you actually put the mysql
gem into ruby only mode. So you will have alot slower times doing stuff
with the database. instead of using a native module. (Though i am not
100% sure on this though) And i know your pain. I currently have 3
seperate environments (Linux, Windows, MacOSX) that i do development in
and Windows one has been the hardest to setup.

Rob Schultz

Nick wrote:

I suggest that you should confirm the version of your MySQL is NOT 5.0.24.
In my environment, MySQL 5.0.22 and MySQL 5.0.24a work fine, but the 5.0.24
does not.
The latest version was released 10 days ago...
It is quite possible that you have got the bad one unfortunately like my

sharky wrote: