undefined method 'auth' for MyLibrary:Class

I have a file my_library.rb in the lib folder.
class MyLibrary
  def auth(username,password)

I know it doesn't do anything yet, but I wanted to eliminate the
possibility of errors in the method.

class MyController < ApplicationController
  require 'my_library'
  def index

As I try to invoke the auth method from the controller above I get
this exception:

NoMethodError in Person summary requestsController#index

undefined method `auth' for MyLibrary:Class
RAILS_ROOT: /Users/peterivie/AptanaProjects/AMC

Application Trace | Framework Trace | Full Trace
app/controllers/person_summary_requests_controller.rb:16:in `index'
-e:2:in `load'

I also tried MyLibrary::auth("username","password")

I am new to Ruby so I am probably missing something obvious. I am
trying to create some code to download xml from a (non-rails) REST API.

Hi --

Thanks for the quick response.
Your suggestion and a server reboot fixed it.
That's probably something I would understand better if I had payed
more attention in my class on object oriented programming years ago. I
will assume the difference is that class methods can be called without
creating an actual object (or instance of the class). That makes

Thanks again, I should have asked about 4 hours of head beating ago.