Unauthorized Access

Hello All,
I have recently begun working on RoR.
I am working on a microblogging application.I have a timeline where
messages posted by users and his/her followers are being
displayed.There is a facility for the logged in user to reply to those
messages.(A reply button is present).When I click on a reply message,a
popup should appear with a Text area and a Post button.(similar to
that in twitter).
However when I try to click on reply,the pop-up appears with
"Unauthorized Access".
What does Unauthorized access imply here?

Thanks in Advance!!


Does that text come from your application? Do a global search in your
code for that string displayed.
When you click Reply does that run javascript to show the popup or
does it run an action in the rails app?
Assuming the latter, have a look in development.log, what do you see
there when you click on Reply


Hi Colin,
Yes the text was appearing from the application.A null value was being
passed due to which the text 'Unauthorized Access' was being rendered.
When I click on Reply,a javascript runs which populates data in the


Check that, is there any filter which is restricting access in the controller where you have defined your method in your application. Which is being called when you click on button and popup comes.