unable to update the database table using forms

My forms looks like this and it is for UserPreference Model


<%= form_for @user_preference do |u|%>
    <%= u.label :title %><br>
    <%= u.text_field :title %>

    <%= u.label :description %><br>
    <%= u.text_field :description %>

  <p> <%= u.label :back_ground_color %><br>
    <select name="bgcolor" id="bgcolor">
      <option value="#FF3300">Orange</option>
      <option value="#00FF00">Green</option>
      <option value="#0000FF">Blue</option>
      <option value="#FF0066">Pink</option>
      <option value="#FFFF00">Yellow</option>
      <option value="#FFFFFF">White</option>

    <%= u.label :font %><br>
    <select name="font" id="font">
      <option value="Times New Roman">Times new Roman</option>
      <option value="Verdana">Verdana</option>
      <option value="Arial">Arial</option>
      <option value="sans-serif">serif</option>

<br >
    <%= u.submit %>

user_preferences_controller.rb looks like this:
class UserPreferencesController < ApplicationController
  def new
    @user_preference = UserPreference.new

  def create
    @user_preference = UserPreference.new(userp_params)
    @user_preference.save unless user_signed_in?
    render plain: params[:user_preference].inspect
  def edit
  def update

  def userp_params
    params.require(:user_preference).permit(:title, :bgcolor, :font,

When I am trying to render params for user_preference I am getting only
title and description

Look in development.log to see what happens when you perform the
submit. Then you will see what params are being passed in, and the
sql performed.

However I would have expected to see calls to u.select( ... ) rather
than straight html for the select boxes.