Unable to retrieve selected value

Aman Thind wrote:

No matter what I do, clicking the link does not show me the selected
value. I have read 20+ posts for the select statement and read the api
but cannot see why I cannot see the selected value on clicking the "run
scenario" link to activate the createipfile action.

Basically, it's because a link doesn't submit a form. It gets a new URL
from the page, in your case always /scenariomgr/createipfile .

You need to create a form that posts to createipfile. The form should
contain your select list element and a submit button. When that submit
button is clicked, the selected value will be passed to the createipfile
action, in which you can retrieve it from the params hash by doing

If you insist on having a link submit your form you need to fiddle with
Javascript, but I'd recommend you start with the easy case, which is the

PS: You might want to follow one or more of the tutorials from
http://www.rubyonrails.org/docs to learn more about the basic stuff like
passing parameters and what not.