Unable to add Fonts in Tinymce Editor


     I am using a tinymce editor in my app. i was not able to see any
fonts in my editor. i am using tinymce plugin for this one.

in hammer.rb :

         the code looks this

@@init = {
    :paste_convert_headers_to_strong => true,
    :paste_convert_middot_lists => true,
    :paste_remove_spans => true,
    :paste_remove_styles => true,
    :paste_strip_class_attributes => true,
    :theme => 'advanced',
    :theme_advanced_toolbar_align => 'left',
    :theme_advanced_toolbar_location => 'top',
    :theme_advanced_buttons1 => 'undo,redo,cut,copy,paste,pastetext
    :theme_advanced_buttons2 => '',
    :theme_advanced_buttons3 => '',
    :theme_advanced_fonts => "Arial=arial,helvetica,sans-serif;Courier
New=courier new,courier,monospace;AkrutiKndPadmini=Akpdmi-n",
    :valid_elements =>

Is there is any other way to setup fonts in tinymce editor ??

I'm pretty sure you just define styles in a particularly-named stylesheet and TinyMCE uses them. Try looking on their documentation site.