Ultrasphinx/TextHelper excerpt

Hi guys,

I have a problem with creating my views. I fetch results from Ultrasphinx::Search#excerpt (http://blog.evanweaver.com/files/doc/ fauna/ultrasphinx/classes/Ultrasphinx/Search.html#M000026).

The problem is that this method only highlights the results, without actually cropping the unnecessary stuff left and right from the searched words. A fragment from my config/environment.rb:

Ultrasphinx::Search.excerpting_options = HashWithIndifferentAccess.new({     :before_match => '<strong>',     :after_match => '</strong>',     :chunk_separator => "...",     :limit => 256,     :around => 2, # This doesn't seem to work     :content_methods => ['search_content']   })

The search_content method is in all searchable models, it returns all the indexed fields concatenated together.

For example, if I looked for "foo" in a model, for which search_content returns "this is a long foo sentence with some more of this foo stuff", running excerpt gives me: - actual: "this is a long <strong>foo</strong> sentence with some more of this <strong>foo</strong> stuff" - expected: "...a long <strong>foo</strong> sentence with ... of this <strong>foo</strong> stuff"

Could someone help me on this?

Then, I fought of skipping Ultrasphinx's excerpt, and manually replace the unnecessary parts with '...'. Unfortunately TextHelper#excerpt accepts only one string to excerpt, and I have an array of strings.

Is there some way to achieve what I need without struggling manually with the strings/regexp/etc.?

I would really appreciate your help.