UI tool with Ror


Is there any tool for UI that RoR faternity suggests? Any open source tool that we can use it with Rails nicely? Or do i need to use dreamweaver, golive for UI?

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I’m using RadRails. It’s opensource, eclipse-based. Also it may be used as an eclipse plugin (so is by me). And the main advantage for me - it could be used on Linux.

In order to keep your (X)HTML source readable and maintainable, I suggest learning to handcode your view source instead of relying on WYSIWYG tools to spit out either table-based views yuck yuck or completely absolute positioned yuck HTML. It may seem a bit daunting to a webdesigner who’s used to making nice designs in photoshop and then using DreamWeaver or Golive to replicate it in HTML using WYSIWYG, but code from these applications is bloated and isn’t all too great for putting dynamic data into it.

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Peter De Berdt

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You can use the MasterView plugin with Rails and then use Dreamweaver, GoLive, NVU, or any other xhtml WYWIWYG editor to work with your views. MasterView allows you to do this and to maintain the ability to use layouts, partials, and rails helpers. Check out our site for a screencast and more information.


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