UI drop down list pulled from database values in activescaffold

as i'm finding it difficult to override the form Ui elements using
activescaffold -= i'm looking for a help to build a drop down list in
UI (values pulled from databse through SQL query) and so user can
select these valus while submitting to database.

pls provide any example strictly using activescaffold plugin.


While I’m sure someone here can help you, please post to ActiveScaffold’s discussion list, as ActiveScaffold is not part of Rails.

This is actually very easy using Active Scaffold if you have your
models setup properly. Here is some example syntax in your

active_scaffold :model_name do |config|
  config.columns = [:id, :drop_down_item, .....]
  config.columns[:drop_down_item].ui_type = :select

The key is this line config.columns[:drop_down_item].ui_type = :select
and specifically .ui_type = :select ......depending on the version of
active_scaffold you are using you may have to use form_ui instead of
ui_type. Read the documentation at this address: http://activescaffold.com/docs/api-column

Hope that helps,