TypeError (can't modify frozen hash) - Production Mode Only

Well, I've been testing out my code in production mode, in anticipation
of being able to show off my site soon. Unfortunately, all is not going
as expected. Production mode... well, its behaving differently than
development did. I've already had login validation issues, and now it
seems that my PM system is broken.

If a user enters a non-existent username as a recipient of a message, I
now get a 500 internal server error. In the log, I get: TypeError
(can't modify frozen hash) at line 108. Line 108 is "@message.sender =
find_user_and_messages.get_user_id.to_s", which shouldn't even be
executing (its also a poorly named method, but thats not the point). In
development mode, if a user didn't exist, the while loop would recognize
that, and simply return errors. Now it fails to do so. All my other
validations on the message seem to work fine, its just this one that
fails. The appropriate code:

        #other validations on the message
        while (i<hold.length)
          if User.find_by_screen_name(hold[i]) == nil
            @message.errors.add("Recipient " + hold[i] + " doesn't
            if trfa == false
              @message.recipients = "," +
User.find_by_screen_name(hold[i]).get_user_id.to_s + ","
              trfa = true
              @message.recipients = @message.recipients +
User.find_by_screen_name(hold[i]).get_user_id.to_s + ","
        @message.sender = find_user_and_messages.get_user_id.to_s
        flash[:notice] = "Message Sent!"
        redirect_to hub_url and return

And as a secondary question, what is it that makes Rails behave
differently in production mode? And how do I go about avoiding surprise
behavior changes in future apps?

Thanks for your help in advance :slight_smile:

Well, probably a poor fix, but I threw a boolean variable into every
validation, and it only runs the lines that were giving a problem if the
boolean hasn't been changed, seems to fix the problem.

I'm still curious as to why there are differences between development
and production mode though.