two parameters on the /index action

I've got the following RESTful route:

resources :documents

I need to call the index action with two extra parameters, so my url
will look like:


Unfortunately, the second parameter seems to be swallowed up. The
first one appears normally, though. That is, in my log file, I see:

Parameters: {"first"=>"one"}

Why is that, and how can I get both parameters to get passed through?


Try this…

documents_path(:first => ‘one’, :second => ‘two’)

Please! also try to add the following line in your “routes.rb

resources :documents, :collection => {:index => :get}

I hope this will solve your problem.


I am sending the URL like this:

curl http://localhost:3000/documents/?first=one&second=two

So it is not a matter of constructing the URL.

I put the :collection parameter in my route file and now the log reports:

Started GET "/documents/?first=one" for etc...
  Processing by DocumentsController#index as
  Parameters: {"first"=>"one", "collection"=>{"index"=>:get}}

Any other suggestions?

Whoops -- it was a matter of constructing the url. curl was
interpreting the ampersand as a command divider, so this worked:

curl ‘http://localhost:3000/documents/?first=one&second=two