twitter leaving rails

this is sure to shake up the rails community hard, mainly b/c people love using Twitter as the RoR prototype to make people feel comfortable. I think its a lot of overhype against RoR but it is what is is, we will see what comes of it

The comment wall is hilarious on that. Everyone's an expert. Also, each person's language is superior to Ruby and each one's framework is superior to Rails.

Not to mention, judging from the posts, it's going to be reeeeeally easy to fix Twitter so I don't know what they're worrying about :wink:


Techrunch lies, twitter is not abandoning Rails at all:

Cheers- -Ezra

nice, good find. Someone should post that on that techcrunch list.

Arrington would likely delete it. Wouldn't want to end the flame war too early; might lose too many clickthroughs on his ads. :slight_smile:


let's end the flame by ourselves then :slight_smile: