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good place to start for the basics


perhaps a rake task would be what you want then?

Then Rails::Generator::NamedBase has a method to do this. I found it while making a generator to generate generators. I have yet to use this fun resource but here is the code.


#from the command.rb
def route_resources(*resources)
resource_list = resources.map { |r| r.to_sym.inspect }.join(’, ')
sentinel = ‘ActionController::Routing::Routes.draw do |map|’

logger.route “map.resources #{resource_list}”
unless options[:pretend]
gsub_file ‘config/routes.rb’, /(#{Regexp.escape(sentinel)})/mi do |match|
“#{match}\n map.resources #{resource_list}\n”

Hope this is useful.

Stephen Becker IV

I believe it creates the route.rb file with the resources that are passed in, and tries to add it to the current routes. This is a method from the generator base class. When you create a generator its one of the methods you have access to. I did not notice before the gsub_file is another method. I am using a frozen version of rails, but the file I found these in are in the vender/railites/lib/rails_generator/command.rb I was under the impression that you wanted to update the routes file and I believe that this is what this code does.

As for using it. I have not. The only place I have seen this used is here

Looks like they just pass the name of the resource to it. You might have to tweak the out put to the routes file.

def gsub_file(relative_destination, regexp, *args, &block)
path = destination_path(relative_destination)
content = File.read(path).gsub(regexp, *args, &block)
(path, ‘wb’) { |file| file.write(content) }

Stephen Becker IV

You can you reuse your code in RoR applications. Looking at the http://www.ruby-forum.com/topic/102607 post you can make a plugin (which I have not) or a generator. For a generator you can make template of files and then run ruby script/generate that_thing_you_made with_some options_too

How complicated are your files? Do they need to dynamic? SVN externals could work too.