Turbolinks and autostart video in a partial

I have a Rails 4.1 application that shows video and audio HTML5 tags that have the autostart attribute enabled (by client request). When I navigate to those pages using the default Turbolinks, I often get either an audio stutter, or what sounds like multiple copies of the audio (or video soundtrack) playing at once, slightly out of synch with one another. The video itself is not glitched. If I use the data-attribute 'data-no-turbolink' => true in the link to that page to disable the Turbolinks, then the audio plays back correctly. This works, but I'd obviously prefer not to have to reload the entire page just to make the audio or video play correctly.

Anyone seen this before? Any suggestions? I have Googled for reports of this without luck, so I am open to the possibility that it's just my Mac, or Safari, or Mavericks.