Trying to put Rails app into a war file to deploy on Glassfish


I'm trying to package my rails application into a war file to install
on glassfish. I'm having some trouble in OS X because when Netbeans
tries to create the file, it gets a permission denied error. My
thought is running it as sudo would solve the problem. The issue is I
don't know how to do that. Since its an .app file, I can't seem to
figure out how to run it as administrator.

Any thoughts? And does anybody have experience with Glassfish? I'm
not that great at deploying apps with Capistrano, mainly because with
ColdFusion (my background) there really aren't many deployment
issues. As a result, I find the deployment issues with Rails a little
discouraging. With Glassfish, from what I've heard, you can simply
transfer a war file.

Anybody tried it?



Got it. You have to sudo sh /Applications/NetBeans/NetBeans\