Trying to install SQLConnectionAdapter

Stuck at the first hurdle!!!

I’m trying to install the SQLConnectionAdapter I can find details on how to do this but can make sense of them.

I’ve downloaded (what I believe to be) the Ruby-DBI from (the framework documentation says to download the DBI from but I can’t see a hyperlink to download the file).


With my file saved I don’t know how to install the file. The guide says copy src/lib/dbd_ado/ADO.rb to X:/Ruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/DBD/ADO/ADO.rb .

How do I install and change the *.gem file into ADO.rb.

Thank you for you help.


I am not sure which gem it is you have downloaded. The only gem I can see on is the postgres-pr one, and surely that can't be mistaken for ruby-dbi. ruby-dbi 1.1.1 is available from