Trying to do a user list and getting double render errors..

Here is where I am now. A render :partial at the **** would solve my
problem, but another render doesn't seem to be allowed. Render_pdf
uses the only one allowed. Is there another way to do this?
At the moment, it works fine, but only gives me 1 user, even though it
makes the collections for each user.

def print
    @households = Household.find(:all, :order => "last_name,
    @households.each { |@household|
      @today =
      @year = @today.year
      @churches = Church.find(:all, :order => "name").map {|u|
      @thisyear =
      @lastyear =
      @yearbefore =

Finally found a way around this. Only 1 render is allowed at the
controller level, but a view can have as many as wanted, so..
Leave the only allowed render in the controller for render_pdf, and do
a find(:all) in the controller. In the view with the same name as the
controller action, do a <%= render :partial => 'whatever', :object =>
@variable_from_controller %>

next make a partial view called _whatever.html.erb or _whatever.erb
for pdf output. The variable holding one record from the list will be
called whatever, with no @ before it. This partial is where whatever
output is wanted per record should be done.

Bob <>