trying to create asset management app having trouble with edit page

i trying to create an asset management app. i am working through the
ruby on rails 4.0 guide by Michael Hartl but in his guide it shows edit
page for authenticated users i do not needthis function as the app will
be deployed to an intranet. i have tried to adapt the edit portion in
the above mentioned guide but it is not working. i am a newbie to this
so any help with websites to look at or other forums or help with code
would be appreciated.

Github is chock-full of ruby and rails code.

But even the basic guide Getting Started walks through a pretty complete application (albeit tiny) that should show that you aren't required to put anything in your don't want to. Hartl's tutorial is not proscriptive, either, and neither is it intended to just be taken and modified to fit some other purpose.