Trying to bind an appended partial that has REST_in_place attached to it with jquery?

In my create.js.erb view I am creating a new model in the view. On
creation I want to have the appended partial in the dom and
so I can click it's name and run the plugin REST in place with


$("#new_show").before('<div id="flash_notice"><%= escape_javascript
(flash.delete(:notice)) %></div>');
$("#shows").append("<%= escape_javascript(render(:partial => @show))
%>").effect("highlight", {}, 3000);

$(".rest_in_place").livequery('click', function(){rest_in_place()});

The portion below so far does nothing. Just my tests to see what I can
try and bind.
$(".rest_in_place").livequery('click', function(){rest_in_place()});

It would be nice if there was a simple bindEverything(); if I am
mistaken in this entire approach please tell me so.

Thank you.