Try-Catch AWDWR P3.0, Sect9.2,Mid pg 121.

On page 118, file store_controller.rb, the "redirect_to_index" is added. At mid page 120, that line is removed. When the browser is first sent to the ":3000/store", the page displays properly. But when the Add to Cart button is clicked, the browser displays the text of a try-catch block (see below). There is no error message - the browser clearly sees text to be displayed. If I re-introduce the redirect line again, all "seems" to work well. Q1: What causes the try-catch block text display? Its obviously generated code; how would I find out what generated it? Q2: How do I know when is the Ajax part is really working? What key phrases should be displayed in the log file? (I've looked in the log file, but I can't tell.)

try { Element.update("cart", "\074div class=\"cart-title\"\076Your Cart\074/div\076\n\074table\076\n\t\n\t\074tr\076 id=\"current_item\"\076\n\n\t\074td\0763×\074/td\076\n\t\074td\076Pragmatic Project Automation\074/td\076\n (see the attachment for the rest)


#1: the try and catch parts are ruby javascript or RJS. Check to see what code it’s using to request the page.

#2: There is no way to tell.