Trouble inserting large objects into memcached

Wes Gamble wrote in post #216702:

SOLUTION: I modified memcache-client to break up objects larger than
1048510 bytes (just under 1MB, you can't successfully store more than
this in the memcache) into pieces internally so that they can be stored.
When a get is done, the pieces are reconstituted before the
Marshal.load. The delete also handles cleanup.

Also, in my OP, I said that everything worked fine on Windows, but that
wasn't true.


Sorry for bringing out this post from dead. However, i thought it would
be helpful to others hence this.

The maximum size of data which memcache can load depends on a macro
POWER_BLOCK (in slabs.c). If we modify this macro to higher values, say
2 MB of more, memcache would be able to handle data larger than 1 MB but
less than equals 2MB.

A better approach would be to make it a parameter to memcache hence
eliminating the need to compile every time you need to increase memory.