Triming string to fit a specific width.

hello all, I have a requirement to trim a string to fit
a specific width. This data is displayed under some table column,
and need to fit the column width. Since I can't tell the exact pixel in html.
so we needn't be too exact about the trimLength. I want to do something like
trimString(String source, int hintColumnWidth), but can I Unit Test it?( since
the requirement is vague here.)
Also the requirement says that , when it trims, it should display full string
as tooltip , and that becomes <span title=...> etc, and then can I UT it?

trucate will trucate your text, but you will need a helper to do the rest. Something like

def my_cell_value( a_string )

“<span title=’#{a_string}>#{truncate( a_string, 23 )}”


in your helper file should do the job.

Hope that helps

Thanks Daniel ,
I know the general code.
What I want to know is about testing.
Since the requirement isn't very exact,
so say, 3 columnWidthUnit = 1 strLengthUnit,
so I write trim(str,columnWidthUnit/3) for that.
so if the method is trimString(source, hintColumnWidth),
Then in test, I just test trimString("helloworld", 3) produces "h...",
Am I correct?
And about tooltip, I test result str equals to "<span
right? So If I will put in html other attributes, like <span id=... title=...>,
then I use regex to test it? Right?

Sorri . Seems I misunderstood.

I wouldn’t use a regex directly for this. You can use something like assert_tag or even better HPricott

Luck Redpath has a small writeup on using HPricott to test views. It’s here

I hope that’s more along the lines of what your after.

Hi Daniel, that looks interesting.I'll check it up.
I'd thought about selenium, but I feel
in this small requirement using selenium
to test that would be an overkill and too much
effort to set up. Thanks for the hint.