Tracking website sections

I'd like some advise on how you handle marking website menus as 'selected' so that you can show different states based on which section of a site you're in. An example is using tabs like the illustration below. When in the first section, the tab has an outline and when moved to the next section, the second tab has the outline

I don't think so because that seems to do a direct comparison (after splitting off query params) I would need something more generic

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It's probably not ideal, but I've used the simplest possible solution for this in some live code - just set an instance variable in the controller and refer to it in the view / layout where the menu is. You can even set the variable in a before_filter if it is the same across all the actions in your controller.

Again, probably not the most "meta" solution available, but able to handle *any* weird site layout you might have.

--Matt Jones