Tracking Ruby on Twitter

Hi all,

I was having trouble finding some interesting rubyists to follow on
twitter. Since my company is already playing around with tracking
things on twitter, I took a bunch of ruby & rails related terms and
created a ruby specific tracker. It's kind of basic, but I thought
that some of you might also find it useful:

Also looking for suggestions for other terms to track (current ones
are listed in the upper left).

Let me know what you think.. thanks!


P.S. I also posted this to ruby-talk - apologies to those that lie in
the intersection of the two groups. :frowning:

Really cool, thanks for sharing!

What about to include "mongrel" to that list of terms?

Carlos Paramio

You got it! Updated:

Hopefully it doesn't end up with a lot of tweets about dogs. Already
have enough about Ruby Tuesdays, slippers and grapefruits. :slight_smile: