Trac Triage with THE MAGGOT (Time To Clean Your Patches)


Alright folks, as Jeremy Kemper mentioned I'm working on a set of
"triage" scripts for the Rails trac using RFuzz to go through all the
tickets and clean them out. I've talked this over with the core guys,
and they're behind it.

I'm calling this set of scripts "THE MAGGOT" thanks to hasmanyjosh.
Basically THE MAGGOT (all caps) will be run against the trac tickets
periodically and will auto-reject any tickets that don't meet certain

The goal of this is to keep the rails patches and trac tickets focused
and actionable. Your tickets won't actually go away, they'll just be
flagged "wontfix" with a terse little message about what's wrong with

Everyone should take a look at the list and feel free to comment on the
results. REMEMBER NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE YET. We're just exploring it.

Ok, first, here's the writeup about the criteria and the list of tickets
on the chopping block:

And here's the ticket listings:


* If you have a ticket in the list (, look
at what it says is wrong and fix that.
* If your patch is really old, just mark it "resolved: wontfix".
* If your patch still applies, but maybe isn't tested with the latest
1.1.6 then retest, regenerate, and resubmit.
* Finally, 1.1.6 isn't listed as a version yet, so if your patch applies
to 1.1.6 then just set it to 1.1.1.

Alright, thanks a bunch folks and enjoy your weekend.

Hi Zed,

With the manditory login, this problem will eventually take care of
itself. Perhaps we just deal with it until then to save the work of
cleaning it up?

I’m curious how required login takes care of spam. Spammers can register like anyone else.


Spam scripts are mega automatic: spammers won’t sign up for an individual site and modify their code to use user params. In my experience with another high trafficed (and spammed) site, the act of registration killed off almost all of the spam.


PhpBB also get's spammed automatically. If it's worth it, they'll write it.

The density of phpBB scripts make it worthwhile to attack. Right now hacking trac is probably not on the top of their list.... (at least i hope not!)

- James

If possible, it could be made even less desirable by making all links in comments on track have a rel=“nofollow” so search engine rankings are not improved. That’s usually the goal of spam anyway. Besides, noone should ever be posting real links to trac for reason of search engine ranking anyway.

-Martin Emde

This was discussed at length on the Trac mailing list and ultimately rejected. Spammers don’t seem to care either way.