Trac out of space

In case the hardworking maintainers aren't aware, it looks like the Trac box has overrun its quota. I tried uploading a patch (more than once) this evening and was greeting with a lovely Python exception.

The gist: "No space left on device."

They are aware… yesterday I sent an email to Jeremy about registration problems. I get the same error, but didn’t believe that the error is really what it says. Could it be that it ate all space on the disk without anyone see it coming?

Actually, it could be. The new registration process has a bug where it barfs on a duplicate cookie error sometimes. The python error dumps can generate humongous log files pretty quickly. This was happening repeatedly about two months ago, just before they took the Trac site down for a while. Looks like it's time for a defensive log file pruning cron job or something like that.