<<< Top 10 Uk Universities >>>

IT worth remebering that the list here is generally accross all
courses (these do not include the best universities for certain
subjects, such as Computer Science). "The best" is obviously
objective, if you are looking for employability afterwards you will
want ones with good research links with corporations, for example
Reading University has Microsoft, Oracle, Sun etc on their doorstep.
Kent University has strong partnerships with Sun, Cisco and does a lot
to support the Open Source community. Bournmouth is considered the
best for Digital Media, in particular 3D Animation/Flash etc.I know
several big effects houses that exclusively recruit from them. So,
don't necessarily go for the universities on the top 10 list attached,
do your research. I personally recommend Kent as I studied Computer
Science there and it has opened a lot of doors for me.



Isn’t there another list for this topic. This is a Ruby on Rails list.


Jose Hales-Garcia

UCLA Department of Statistics