Timebank needs Ruby Techie

Bay Area Community Exchange, an open source, nonprofit, online time exchange program, needs help with it's website development in Ruby on Rails.

We have a great foundation for the site already built, but there are a few bugs, minor adjustments and optionally some sexy elements we could add to the functionality of the site. We need some help to get this alternative currency project off the ground.

Its a revolution in building community, mutual aid, sustainable local micro-enterprise, and creating an alternative to capitalism and slave wage work.

We have tons of community support and outreach volunteers, but not enough technical support to keep things flowing right.

In exchange for a few hours a month work, we will love and adore you...shower you with praise, massages (if you live in the SF Bay) and compensation in Timebank hours.

Contact: timebankinfo (at) sfbace.org

Visit our website: timebank.sfbace.org.