Time.parse and some weird defassage with timezone


I have a strange case,

my system clock is set to utc and eastern time (-5)

rails is configured to use eastern time

timestamps on the database work as expected,

meaning they are stored in utc

but by hand time entries are 2 hours behind, (why on earth two?)


Time.parse(“2008-02-24 4 pm”) will return Tue Feb 24 16:00:00 -0500 2009

but will store it in the database as 19:00 instead of 21:00 hrs (utc speaking)

Any clues?

What happens if you do this:

puts( Time.parse("2008-02-24 4 pm").utc )

Do you get the correct UTC time?

Brigado Mauricio for the replay, yep, this was on scraped data, ashamed to say that I wasn't checking its integrity, when i got the data like this: yyyy-mm-ddhh_mm (without space between dd and hh), interestingly enough, after 2,200 parses the parser starts the 2 hour drift, (I am making sure that the date string comes properly formatted now) but still, an interesting 'feature'