Ticket #4795: ARs in the session have their associations persisted as well

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Hi all,

I have a question about the following ticket. The patch provided on this ticket fixes the problem (for me). Despite this fact, I don't see this code in the trunk. Can someone tell me why this is?

Another thing is that I tried to override this function in the lib directory, with the patch applied, but somehow, it still uses the old code. I wanted to fix my problem in a clean way by overriding the actioncontroller module. But I can't get it working. And hacking a gem myself isn't a long term solution.

Thanks in advance,
Jeroen van Doorn

The patch does not include unit tests verifying the correct behavior. Please reopen the ticket with an updated patch.



If you don't use GET-Parameters, then I would suggest to use page
caching. AFAIK Rails will create a HTML file for the first request and
will this newly created HTML for all requests after the first one.

I don't think this fixes the problem. I'll try to free some time to test
the patch.


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