There is already an object named 'schema_migrations' in the

The “first_time” just means that’s the first time the task is being invoked in this rake run, I believe. Doesn’t mean it thinks you’re running migrations for the first time ever.

I encountered this error with a plugin that had not been upgraded to be compatible with Rails 2.x. I would recommend running rake --trace again, but then look at the call stack that gets dumped to figure out exactly which task is causing this error, and perhaps what plugin may or may not be related.


Ben Lieber wrote:

I got this working finally.

I decided to try the rails-sqlserver-2000-2005-adapter gem rather than the activerecord-odbc-adapter I was using before. I then had change the connection type in database.yml from: adapter:ODBC to: adapter:sqlserver mode:ODBC

This seems to have fixed the issue, and give me the added bonus of the sql output to the console, which I wasn't getting with the other adapter.

thanks for all your input!