Theme Support for rails?

Hey all,

I have a problem currently where I’m trying to enable “themes” for rails, in that views and layouts can be loaded from different locations, depending on the theme selected. Now, prefacing that I have tried every single variation of theme_support for Rails 2.1.0, all to no avail - it loads the views fine, but NEVER the layouts, resulting in (as you can imagine) a page with no styles or head/body.etc.

I have even tried writing this myself by setting the view_paths, but again - no layouts ever get loaded. Is there some fundamental piece of the puzzle I’m missing and if so - what is it!?

Thanks in advance,


I was looking for this same functionality some time back, and I never found it. I looked at source from several other OS projects with theme capabilities, and it didn’t look like they solved it either, so I’m led to believe that layouts have to be in “app/views/layouts” (short of hacking the framework, of course) and nowhere else. Would love to hear that I’m wrong though.