the return of Rails Components

Hey y'all,

I've worked up a simple Rails components plugin, originally based on Nick and Peter's Cells plugin. Features include:

* encapsulation: All data must come from method arguments or database records - there is no access to the session, the request, or params. Encapsulation FTW! * inheritable views: Pretty much awesome for plugins. If I were re- writing ActiveScaffold these days, I'd make it a base component and have all the child scaffolds inherit. * argument-based caching: Flip a switch to turn on caching for a method, and set up TTL- or version-based expiration (better be using memcache!).

My goal is to keep this plugin clean and simple and compatible with good RESTful design. It's been tested with Rails 2.0, and I expect it to be compatible with Rails 2.1 since I've already dealt with the TemplateFinder and caching changes.

I'll be at RailsConf08 if anyone wants to meet up and talk about components in Rails. :slight_smile:

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