The Recently Revised page of rails wiki was broken

I like to read everyday to
learn rails,because I can find some new tips and knowledge from there
everyday.However,the page was broken a few weeks ago,and still can't be
visited this moment.How can I read the recently added rails wiki page
through some other way,or is there some place that have nice articles
about rails added daily?

Aww.. it's not so bad, try to be more of an optimist.

As embarrassing as it is, the broken Rails wiki is probably "promoting
book sales".

Books should not be the go-to source for information. That's what the Wiki should be for. Simple, every day stuff like "how do I create blog?" should be on there, with up-to-date information.

What really annoys me about the wiki articles is the long scream of questions and answers on many of the articles. This is totally un-wiki like and should be moved to a discussion page imo. Another caveat is the sqlite page doesn't contain all the MacOS instructions in one block. Instead it's split up into multiple blocks so I have to wade through the information for installing on windows before I can get to anything relevant!


This is laughable. Books are an excellent source of information. That's why
people buy them and that's why people write and publish them. You may want
the wiki to be a better source of information than a book, but remember
that you get what you pay for.


So you're saying that, instead of making my knowledge freely and publicly available, I should write a book and sell it? I don't think so. Knowledge should be free.

You can do whatever you want with your knowledge. Make it publicly
available. Improve the quality of the wiki. But don't expect everyone else
to do the same. And don't expect quality without a profit motive. It's not
that there can't be quality without a profit motive, just that it happens
less often.

The phrase "knowledge should be free" is an opinion. Expressing that
opinion does not make it fact. Expressing that opinion may or may not
motivate others to make their knowledge freely available. Furthermore, I
know that "free" isn't free; zero monetary cost nearly always, in my
experience, translates to a comparable increase in required effort. I'll
repeat that there are exceptions, but it's generally the case. It takes
more effort to learn from the free material on the web than from a book,
and not just Rails.


I understand what you're saying, but I'm not saying the wiki should become the replacement for books. Books are fantastic ways for people to learn new things, and go into a lot more detail (and are often better formatted) than simple wiki articles. Wiki articles do take time and time == money. It would just be nice to have something to link people to, a central source of knowledge, rather than telling them to JFGI or RTFM. Linking them to a guide taking them through how to do a has_many :through relationship properly, or even how to create a blog using Rails 2.1.

It's getting late, and I ramble on when it gets late. See you in the morning.

I disagree. I find my personal book collection a more valuable
resource than any wiki I've encountered up to now.