Textastic or Koder?

I want a good text editor to work on my rails apps, what would you recommend?

Thank you, Rodrigo

vim (or emacs)


i like text mate (on mac) and the redcar( text mate similar , multi platform) good editors

Just a qualifier on the vim or emacs thing: vim or emacs if you are already a proficient coder.

Textastic and Koder are both iPad apps, just FYI guys. Koder does look a little more featureful, but it’s unfortunate that neither of them support git.

Koders (and not Koder) is just a code search plugin to search code (see http://corp.koders.com/downloads): [quote] Koders offers downloadable plug-ins that enable software developers to easily search and reuse source code from within their chosen workspaces. The plug-ins enhance Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) by extending the reach of the Koders.com open source code index to the developer desktop. [/quote]

Textastic is a powerful editor for iPad (see http://www.textasticapp.com):

The choise of an IDE depends on the OS you are working on: on MACs it's a TextMate, Linux - Vim and its clones, Windows and others - Netbeans, Aptana Studio, RubyMine, etc, - there are plenty of them, either under commercial license or free.

Sorry, I forgot to say, I want it for iPad

And I use Textmate on my mac, so I’d like a similar one for the iPad

Thank you,