Text messaging with Ruby on Rails

I’m not sure how reliable it is but I think you can also send/receive SMS messages via email.

I’m currently using the email SMS system for each carrier. It’s very reliable, just at times quite slow. I’ve seen SMSs show up within 5 seconds to 2 hours later.

The ClickATell service, is it guarenteed to be instant (less than 10 seconds) for everyone, always? The rates look good, might bring this service up to my boss.


Like most things, nothing is ever 100% guaranteed but in my experience
the Clickatell service is fast and deliveries are generally quick
(some times less than a second). Naturally you have to allow for
congestion at their end during peak times and of course network
congestion which is probably the most likely cause for delays. I
believe you can send important messages with a higher priority
although my gem doesn't currently suppor this (email me if this is
vital and I can roll it into the next release).

But if its good enough for Auntie (thats the BBC for non-Brits), its
good enough for me.

Thanks for the replies! Jason claims up to 2 hours of delay with e-
mail SMS. What is the worst cases that you've experienced? I'm
deploying a time-sensitive healthcare application


Hi chirag, I haven't used it in any high volume I'm afraid, at least
not enough to give you an accurate representation.

Perhaps it would be worth contacting clickatell to discuss your needs
and see if they offer any kind of guarantees.

The only anecdotal evidence I can give you is that in my experience
its fast.