Text Editor for Windows with SFTP support + Ruby syntax highlighting

Does anybody know of any good text editors for Windows with SFTP
support + Ruby syntax highlighting?

SFTP support could include the ability to automatically sync projects
and/or the abillity to edit remote files locally. I'm working on a
Solaris server but don't logging in and having to use vi or emacs.

I found a couple but wanted to see if anybody has a favorite that
works well with Ruby



SFTP/FTP/SSH support. Syntax highlighting for a LOT of languages.
Simple enough to use with powerfull features.

give it a try

jEdit with the FTP and Ruby plug-ins. Just make sure you download the newest pre release. I believe they are up to 4.3 pre10. Very stable and versatile editor with excellent Ruby support.


I'm just curious. As you indicate the Zeus IDE does
seamless FTP/SFTP editing.

Is there some problem with Zeus and the Ruby language?

Jussi Jumppanen
Author: Zeus for Windows IDE