text_area empty_clob()

Anyone know why my text_area field is being prefilled with "empty_clob()" instead of simply being empty like I would expect? I'm using Oracle 10g so I suspect it's coming from the oci8 driver somehow?

Here's the code:

<% form_for :user do |f| -%> <%= f.text_area :notes, :rows => 2, :cols => 32 %> <% end -%>

It should be just an empty text area ready for data to be input.

In my migration I'm making the field a text field:

t.column :notes, :text

I tried adding :default => '' but that didn't help.

The model for this is still empty at this point.


I figured this out, sort of.

Instead of :text I'm using :string, :limit 4000.

Anybody have an actual solution instead of a work around? Thanks!