Tests: StandardError: No fixture with name 'first'...?

This happened to me too. It looks like there's a bug here.
What I noticed is that when my functional test controller is made, the
setup method expects a fixture entry called :first to be available.
  def setup
    @controller = WhereisController.new
    @request = ActionController::TestRequest.new
    @response = ActionController::TestResponse.new

    @first_id = whereis(:first).id

However, fixtures only as

# Read about fixtures at http://ar.rubyonrails.org/classes/Fixtures.html
  id: 1
  id: 2

This is new (to me anyway) in Rails 1.2. Traditionally, fixture
contained entries called :first, and :second.

You can get around your problem by changing your test controller to
use :one in the setup method.