testing with a secondary 'outside' database

my rails app has a local database where all info is stored, but it often syncs with a 'master' database that has different connection info.. i have that all set up in my app and it works great. problem is with testing.

for example when i create a person it also creates them on the master database. in test environment it still connects to the same database, which is not what i'm looking for. I have something like this in my app to allow a model to connect to the master db:

class Master < ActiveRecord::Base   self.abstract_class = true   establish_connection(     :adapter => "mysql",     :database => "master",     :host => "xxx.xxx.xxx",     :port => xxxx,     :username => "user",     :password => "pass") end

all 'sync tables' inherit from Master instead of ActiveRecord.. so what i need is something that can ask "is environment = testing ?" and if so give different connection info for a testing Master DB. what's the best way to do this?

i was thinking having a similar class called FakeMaster.. but how do i make my sync tables decide which one to use on the fly?

can i do this? :

if RAILS_ENV == "test"   class Synctable < FakeMaster   end else   class Synctable < Master   end end

also keep in mind that even if the above works i would like to stay dry and not duplicate the class bodies above. would this work? db_to_use = (RAILS_ENV == "test" ? 'FakeMaster' : 'Master') and then: eval "class Synctable < #{db_to_use}" .... body goes here... end

i somehow doubt that that is gonna work.

thanks in advance,