Tech Session: Ruby on Rails - sat, March 14 - Hyderabad@Free of charge

Hello Everybody.
Here is your chance to attend the coolest 'Ruby on Rails' event of the
year at Hyderabad organized by Twincling Technology Foundation.

Mr. Robert Adkins, CTO of Technetra, a Silicon Valley based open
source software company will conduct a technical session on 'Ruby on
Rails' !

In Bob's own words:

Tech Session: Ruby on Rails
Hyderabad, March 14

This tech session is an introduction and tutorial on Rails. We'll
out with an overview of the Rails system. We'll also take a look at
diverse community that is making Rails so successful today.

Then we'll dive into Rails more deeply. We'll discuss Rails program
structure, configuration and conventions. We'll cover database
and the basics of its three most important components: Active Record,
Action Controller, and Action View. We'll also examine how Rails
a Web 2.0 look and feel through integration with CSS and Ajax.

The tech session will explore Rails issues of testing, security and
performance. In particular, we'll look at RSpec as a testing
Then we'll learn how to avoid security pitfalls like SQL injection and
cross-site-scripting attacks. Finally we'll look at caching options
increase web performance.

Speaker Profile

Mr. Robert Adkins is CTO of Technetra, a Silicon Valley based open
source software company.

Robert Adkins has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and
has held senior engineering and management positions in products and
services groups at Apple Computer, IBM and BB&N.

Mr. Adkins counsels government and industry on open source technology
adoption and policy. Robert is an expert developer in Ruby and Ruby on
Rails and is an active open source contributor.

He holds a MS in Computer Science from the Johns Hopkins University.
Mr. Adkins helped create India's first open source business conference
LinuxAsia, to serve as a platform for global industry leaders to
interact with India's open source players from industry, government,
academia and

He has published in technology magazines and journals including Linux
Journal, Linux For You, the ACM and Government Computer News. His
articles can be found at