Taxonomization with dynamic taxon types

(Oops, I posted this to -core first. Sorry about that)


I am making an e-commerce site where the merchant should be able to taxonomize (categorize) using dynamic types of taxons. If the merchant wants to create something else to taxonomize it by, he/she can just add another taxon type.

These are the models I use at the moment: * TaxonType - a taxon type, like "weight", "color", etc. * Taxon - A taxon, which belongs to a TaxonType and has a "description" (Like "blue", "yellow", etc.= * Taxonomization - A has_many :thtough table, belongs_to :taxon and belongs_to :product * Product - has_many :taxons, :through => :taxonomizations

Do you think this sounds like the best way to do it? Or is there a good plugin that can do this for me?

Thanks, Henrik Hodne